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Found in 2011, EVFX is a respectable forex and CFD brokerage firm with its headquarters located in the City of London. This online broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

At EVFX, clients can trade a range of trading instruments, such as trading on spot FX, Precious Metals, forwards, NDFs and options, as well as Futures and Equity exchanges, CFDs.

The broker also offers a variety of trading platforms to its traders, including Currenex, FastMatch, Integral, FXall, Digitalvega, hotspotFX solidFX, FXCMPRO, FXONE, and API Trading.


EVFX is a forex brokerage company that provides access to companies to trade financial market instruments. The platform makes it possible for traders to transact on foreign exchange markets as well as precious metals and other financial market instruments through their trading platforms.

They retail these services to clients from different parts of the world. The system makes it possible for their clients to gain access to the market through various trading apps they support, and these apps are tailored towards their instruments.

This is one of the leading providers in the world today and serves different markets for clients from various continents of the world.

This company came into existence in the year 2011 and it has its headquarters in the UK. It was licensed by the Financial Capital Authority. This is a body that is known to be strict when it comes to financial market management.

Brokers are expected to play according to the rules once they are under the supervision of this authority. Failing to do so will lead to severe sanctions.

The company has been in operations since 2011 and they serve large sections of customers and they trade on various instruments. It is one of the most reputable in the market.

The company is also known to be very innovative as they use both electronic and voice technology to execute their trades.



  • Interests are affordable and align with clients
  • Great for professionals
  • Offers high-security level
  • Voice trading possible
  • Various investment categories available


  • Does not provide sufficient information about trading costs

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The company makes available for its customers various trading instruments and these are accessible on their platforms. They provide services on the following forms of trade categories and these include the following such as:

  • Foreign exchange market
  • Commodities
  • Fx as well as commodity rollovers
  • CFDs
  • Indices and CFD financing cost

Foreign exchange

One of the major services which the companies provide for their customers is the transaction on the foreign exchange market and the major currencies they trade on here include the AUD, CAD, CHF HUF, JPY.


Moreover, the company also transacts about commodities and they can trade on different commodities.

FX and Commodity Rollovers

The company also updates its trading swap rates daily and you can gain access to this through the company back offer swap rates. Moreover, the company workout the rollers as regards forex and commodity items.

Available with the system is the set of swap rates and these are also worked out taking into consideration certain factors such as instruments, short and long decimals, EOD rate as well as long pips.


The company is also involved in the provision of CFDs trading on margin and there is the need to know that this is volatile and therefore risky.

In getting involved with this trade there is the need for investors to have a deeper review of the trading objectives, as well as the financial situation together with the level of experience as well as the risks that are involved in that. Think deeper before you invest in the CFD.

When it comes to this aspect, the company is also making available 12 stock index CFDs, and these cover different markets.


The company also provides trading platforms through which they transact their businesses. The clients are in various forms and it can be used to trade one asset as well as trade multiple assets.

Depending on the one you prefer the company makes all these available to their clients.

Moreover, the decision as regards the trading platform to choose will depend on the kind of instrument that the customer wants to invest in.

The company makes everything available to their clients and that is why they offer various kinds of trading platforms to satisfy the interest of their clients.

They have several such platforms, and these are meant to solve the needs of their clients. Some of the trading platforms which are available here include the following:

  • Spot
  • Forwards
  • Options
  • PDF
  • API

The company also offers the following platforms, and they include the following:

  • Currenex
  • FastMatch
  • Integral
  • FXall
  • Digitalvega
  • Hostpotfx
  • solidFX
  • API trading

When it comes to investors on equities and futures. The company has great platforms for them.

These platforms are specifically meant for this kind of trade and it includes the following:

  • CQG
  • Fidessa
  • Trading Technologies
  • Ice
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Bloomberg

The most important and most innovative platform introduced by the broker is the voice desk. It is meant for those who want to perform their trade transaction through voice messages. This makes it possible for such traders to engage on different kinds of transaction that matters insensitivities as well as size.

Some of the markets are not electronically supported and some of them include the Agency and Margin facilities as well as Exotic currencies and options strategies. Such can be executed through EVE and can be easily executed.


The company has three different account types from which all categories of customers can select from. These account types include personal account, the corporate well as the introducer account.

These are the types available and there is little information on each of these account types. You can get the details of this account when you register to the platform as a client.

If you do not want to belong, it will not be easy to get access to the introducer or corporate account forms. Because of the lack of information, it would be difficult for traders who want to get that information to know what these accounts are all about and the options there to choose from.

However, the site gives information about the conditions that clients must qualify or satisfy before they can open the account. You must have carried out a transaction worth one hundred thousand dollars.

Furthermore, you must have been in the market for an average of ten trades within the last four quarters

Besides, such a person must have acquired the size of that financial portfolio and that include a cash deposit of more than five hundred thousand euros

Such an intending client must be employed or work on the financial service for the past one year.


Opening an account with that platform is simple and easy. However, there is no clear information specified on the website about how to open an account through the platform.

If you want to create the corporate or the introducer account, there is nowhere you get information from the website about the account opening requirements.

The personal application opening form is aimed at getting the information electronically to the advice, complete the form and download the PDF format, sign it and email to the company.

To open an individual account, there certain information that you require to provide, and these include the:

  • The address and name of the client
  • Account holder details
  • Regulatory status
  • Banking details and include the currencies they currently accept which include the major currencies such as USD, GBP. EUR, CHF, and a few others.

The provider demands that you read everything before sending the form to them. You are to sit down and read the declaration as well as the terms and conditions of doing business with them.

Read the policies and rules as well as the risk factor involved in this volatile market.

Moreover, there is a section of the account opening process that demands identification. This could require the use of the SmartDV application, and you download it through a mobile application system such as iOS as well as android.

You would be required to upload to them proof of identification as well as the address verification. This means that you may be required to produce a bank statement as well as a utility bill statement.


It is not certain that the brokers provide a demo account. There is no information on the site to indicate that they make such an account possible for their clients to learn about the system and the market.

It only makes provision for the opening of the three account types which are already discussed above and nothing more.


Furthermore, there is no indication as to whether the broker provides social trading and copying trading.

Although they transact on various market instruments, there is no clear statement on whether to use any of the social trading to help their clients copy from other traders through their platform or other provider’s platforms.


There are certain costs involved in trade execution with EVFX but that depends on certain factors like spread, commissions, and margins.

The company offers a tight spread, and it is accompanied by a commission. This is also based on the various trading instruments you choose to transact on.

Two options available for traders in terms of the cost include the variable spread and the fixed spread. It also depends on the strategy adopted by the trader. Besides the CFDs comes with traded value and the charge occurs through overnight trading.

This can involve the use of debit or credit cards. In the situation where the market opens and closes on the same day, it would not be associated with any overnight cost.

Besides, there are financing costs, and this has to do with such markets as CFDs, indices, and swap rates. The cost is based on the EOD rate, instrument, as well as short and long trading. The payments made on the market transaction will be applied as credit or debit.

When it comes to depositing to the account, the minimum from a trader depends on the kind of account such a trader wants to create as well as the trading conditions. The minimum you can deposit to commence trade with the broker is five hundred dollars.


When a customer wants to trade with the company he starts trading with the initial balance. If the trader wants to trade with a larger capital, he must ask for a loan from the broker and this loan is what they regard as the leverage.

However, the company cannot go against the law that regulates the operation of this market and that is why they make for leverage of 1:30 which is the standard set by the ESMA. This is the situation but persons who want something more can make a formal application for a higher level.

The account offering determines a lot in this regard such as the trade margins and leverage levels.


When it comes to funds deposits and withdrawals the company does not offer many alternatives here.

The two methods which the company currently uses include card transfer and bank wire. They prefer this method because to them it is the most secure means for financial transactions. Furthermore, these two methods are more convenient for them to use than others.

Here are the specific methods for account funding they currently authorize and that include the following:

  • Skrill
  • Visa
  • Bank wire

There are no associated costs on the provider’s end but is advisable to check from the financial institutions to make your best choice of the three-option available with the platform.


It is possible to contact EVFX and they have provided at least two alternatives for contacting them which include electronically and through email contact.

They also make available an online form, and this covers most of its activities and you can complete the form specifying the areas you require help.


When it comes to the safety of your transaction, there is nothing to worry about. The company is also regulated since it is based in Europe and the United Kingdom. It is FCA-regulated.

The regulation authority as well as the European regulatory authority can serve as the watchdog which monitors the activity of the broker to ensure it complies with the law.

The broker is safe to invest. The platform also provides its own means of regulation like voice call and contact forms. The safety of your funds is one hundred percent guaranteed when you work with this broker.


The company knows that they are in business and that they are in serious competition. Because of that, they do one thing or the other to lure customers to their side by offering some incentives.

They offer bonuses and this is a way of compensating traders especially loyal customers to continue to do business with them. They offer different kinds of bonuses and this comes from time to time.


It is to the benefit of traders that they carry out extensive research about the market before they commit their funds. It is for this reason that the brokers do offer this kind of resource to help investors to take a good investment decision.

This market is highly volatile, and it would help speculative trading and traders can now take a more informed decision.

If you want to trade with confidence and make profits from the system, they should acquire enough knowledge about the market and the resources provided above would aid you in reading the marketing and taking that profitable investment decision.

The research tools should be considered part of the integral features available with this broker.

It appears that this software is lagging on this important aspect as they do not offer any form of research materials on the website.

This means that traders using this platform would not be able to conduct any research through the website before they can place their trade. The company does not also use any tools or report to analyze the market for the benefits of its users.


Just as research is very important, in the same way, educational resources are equally important. There is a need for traders to get enough training and education about the way the platform works and other important information.

As important as this educational material are, the platform does not provide such on its website and there is no way they can train their customers about their system and how to use it to make money.

Since it does not provide educational tools on its website, it does not provide any learning resources for its customers.


Although the company has been in this business for a very long-time providing services for all categories of customers across different categories of the market, the company has not yet won any award and there is no indication that the company has won any award in the past.

Chances are there that they will win it in the future.


Promotions is a method brokers adopt to promote their business to other areas where they are not known. It is organized at certain periods of the year using different mass media instruments.

The method is also a way of dishing out incentives to clients and would-be clients. To clients, it is aimed at retaining them and rewarding them for being loyal to the brand over the years.

Rewards and other incentives are great ways of pushing back expenses done by the customers back to them. Companies must organize this from time to time.

There is no indication that EVFX organizes this promotion. If they do, it does not appear on the company’s website.


Just like cashback and other incentives, it is a way of attracting new customers and rewarding old customers as well. It can be in the form of trade contests and other kinds of contests.

When there is a contest winner must emerge and those who won are giving one thing or the other. It is a way of rewarding loyal customers and placing the broker on the top of the competition.

So far, there is no indication that this company organizes this contest or that they have organized it in the past. If they have done that, evidence of it would be displayed on their website.

It is one of the ways of rewarding loyal customers and brokers are encouraged to do that from time to time.


It is one hundred percent safe to do business with this company. Customers and future customers would like to find out whether it is safe to do business with the company.

The company certainly has a great reputation as never engage in any dubious activities in the past.

Moreover, the company’s address and location are known. You can visit them at the back office and discuss with them. The issue of scams is completely ruled out.

Besides this broker has a strong presence in London which is the financial capital of the world. It is highly regulated by the FCA.

This is a body that is known for its demand for strict compliance from all the financial institutions they are regulating. They are one hundred percent safe to do business with.

There is absolutely nothing wrong to do business with this broker. They are reputable and they are verifiable. If you are looking for a broker you can do business with, then you must think of this broker. They are highly reliable.


EVFX is one of the leading brokers located in London the United Kingdom. The company has been in existence for nearly a decade, and they provide services on different kinds of financial markets.

The market is widely spread, and customers can invest in any of the markets they provide. The company is user-friendly, and they provide different trading platforms. Some of these platforms are specifically meant for the type of services they provide.

There is not enough information about the various kinds of account you can open and operate with them but it certain that they provide three different kinds of accounts and each of these accounts have their different requirements. You must log in to your accounts before you must gain access to these requirements for opening an account.

The company is also safe and secure to do business with. It is regulated by the FCA. This is the most serious regulatory body in the world today.

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