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Found in 2001, EasyMarkets is a respectable forex and CFD brokerage firm with its headquarters located in Limassol, Cyprus and in Europe. This online broker is regulated by CySEC and ASIC.

At EasyMarkets, clients can trade a range of trading instruments, such as CFDs on cryptocurrency, indices, shares, Forex, and commodities.

The broker also offers a variety of trading platforms to its traders, including its proprietary platform, and Meta Trader 4 (MT4).


EasyMarkets refers to a platform that enables users to trade their CFDs on cryptocurrency, indices, shares, Forex, and commodities. You must know that this platform is easy to use and guarantees you multiple features, mostly for beginners. Therefore, this article will offer you an in-depth review of EasyMarkets by highlighting its features.

This platform was launched in 2001 as a Forex broker to democratize Forex trading. Its mission was to ensure that it transforms trading from an exclusive activity for the richest institutions and individuals.

Moreover, this would make it an accessible market for anyone with a deposit ranging from $25 along as it can be subsidized online via your credit card. Therefore, with EasyMarkets, you can easily avoid the lengthy bank transfer that is likely to consume much of your time.

It has a web platform to enable traders to trade from their comfort zone using an enabled internet device and an internet connection.

On the other hand, it has a broad range of in-built analytical tools, making it accessible to over 200 trading devices. Bear in mind that it also comprises features like take profit, free guaranteed stop loss, freeze rate, and deal Cancellation.

You must know that the entire client funds on this platform are usually secluded from the company funds. These funds are usually kept secure & safe in the top tier, global banks, and low credit risk.

It also keeps enough liquid capital to engulf the entire client bending bills, the company fluctuation currency position, and client deposit. CySEC and ASIC are the regulatory bodies of EasyMarkets. Besides, they guarantee their clients a negative protection balance plus their funds segregated in another account.

In case you need a live account, you need a minimum deposit of proximately $1. However, you can opt for another choice if this seems tricky using a demo account, which EasyMarkets guarantees you. This will allow you to exercise and familiarize yourself with the EasyMarkets platform.

If you need the EasyMarkets head office, they are situated in Cyprus, Australia. Thus, thanks to these features for making this platform gain popularity globally. Make it your number one trading platform today and experience incredible performance.


Like any other trading platform, Easy Markets also has its benefits and downsides, and here is an overview of what you should expect.


  • It guarantees you professional and responsive client support.
  • It has an innovative platform for trading with modern and advanced features.
  • This platform guarantees you a first deposit bonus of 50% as a token to new traders.
  • It has no commissions, slippage as well as fixed spreads.
  • It is regulated by ASIC and CySEC
  • It features segregated client funds.
  • Requires a minimum deposit of $1


  • It does not offer services to USA clients and 20+ countries.
  • It has maximum spread, unlike other brokers.

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The famous trading instruments suitable for many brokers for trading primarily include:


You must know that energy value is maximally volatile because of environmental and political factors, global economic growth, extreme weather conditions, and demand & supply.

Additionally, across six classes of investment, EasyMarkets guarantees you beyond 200 assets. These classes include cryptocurrencies, CFDs, index, equity CFDs, commodities, metals, and Forex.

Precious metals

In combination with many more precious metals, petroleum, copper, and crude oil, gold trading is a primary commodity that plays a crucial role in commodities trading. Furthermore, they are contract-based goods that are tradable.


The stock indices or equity are market indexes that weigh a particular section of the stock market value. Indices are used in representing a specific set or stock mode of the nation’s biggest companies.


Numerous commodity markets guarantee traders multiple investment opportunities. The trading of soft commodities has been exercised for many centuries, and it is essential since it plays a primary in risk management and portfolio diversification.

During economic fluctuation or insecurity, it is ideal that you invest in tradable goods that are contract-based because this is a perfect way to moderate the risk.


The currency exchange market is called forex trading. Besides, it stands for decentralized marketplace globally. This is where financial institutions, companies, and individuals exchange currencies at rates floating.


This trading platform guarantees its users two primary platforms:

  • Its proprietary platform is web-based (HTML5)
  • Meta Trader 4 (MT4)

Bear in mind that the brands’ platform is light and incorporates cleanliness and simplicity to maintain your trade focus. However, for experienced traders and professionals, it might be unsatisfactory.

Meta Trader 4 (MT4) has gained popularity globally due to its excellent reputation, and it falls among the outstanding platforms for online trading.

Additionally, it allows you to log in through the EasyMarkets websites and start your trading immediately. It is a suitable platform since it does not allow you to download software or even an additional app.


EasyMarkets generates a VIP account for European Clients. It comes with regulatory restrictions of a high leverage ratio of 1:30. To have a personal account manager who can offer you information about investing strategies, economic events, market trends, among much more information.

You must deposit 100 EUR. As a trader, you can also have insight into central trading indicators, technical analysis, and daily fundamentals. This model of an account has a low spread account. This platform generates three primary models of account, specifically for non-European Clients, namely:

  • VIP
  • Premium
  • Standard

Changes in the spread will depend on the account you settle on. The VIP account has a minimum deposit of $10, a premium of $2000, and the standard account has $100. Bear in mind that the entire accounts have high leverage of 1:400. All account holders have personal account managers to coordinate.


To successfully register your forex trading account with EasyMarkets, especially if you are new, it is recommended that you enlighten yourself through a basic. This process is like that you must follow while registering at the bank for the first time. In this case, you will allow EasyMarkets to verify your details and offer you the safety of your account and funds details.

The entire process of opening a new EasyMarkets account is easy and short, and you can achieve it perfectly online. However, you must create or even prove your email address, generate a password, and connect it through your Facebook or Google account.

Additionally, it has a sign-up page for the client agreement. As a trader, you will have to verify your account as required by the regulatory requirement. This is achievable through a residency roof document and submission of your trading ID.


It is fortunate enough that EasyMarkets offers its user a demo account. This enables the users to enhance their skills in trading as they invest in the money. Traditionally, most people consider this company as risky in terms of trading. Therefore, if you are new to trading, you can enhance your skills by using a demo account.

Moreover, the demo account is reloaded with 10 000 EUR, and the trading mode is like the real funds. This account generates sufficient and accurate experience on how real trading works, and it has zero disappointments. In case you are new to EasyMarkets, ensure you start with a demo account before using the real platform.


EasyMarkets has developed fully through social and copy trading. Social trading is the simplest method for novice traders to invest and learn through interacting with professional traders. All this is achievable through the social platform.

This will allow you to learn and build a perfect investment method to fulfil your goals maximally. However, when using this trading method, you must continuously monitor your market’s flow and examine the trade trends. This might take you a longer duration.

Furthermore, copy trading is a software application that allows EasyMarkets users, especially those in the financial markets, to copy accounts opened & managed automatically by one another. It is an excellent trading technique that allows traders to learn and copy other trading techniques. This strategy has worked excellently for many individuals who have limited time to trade independently.

You only need to make sure you fund your account and monitor it or even watch it grow. EasyMarkets allow you to use social trading and copy trading to ensure that you succeed and deliver maximum performance. Thus, if you are a new trader and barely know how to trade, you can take advantage of these trading methods.


You must be knowing that EasyMarkets has three account models, in which the trading cost might vary. These costs are mainly the commissions + spreads. Moreover, the spreads are fixed across the VIP ACCOUNT, Meta Trader4, and the entire web platform.

Easy Markets guarantee you competitive pricing, more so on its VIP account, which needs a deposit of $2,500 and $100 for the UK and EU residents. On the other hand, you need to deposit $250 on its web platform.

Besides, both accounts generate a fixed spread of 0.9 pips, either on the USD/EUR or the EasyMarkets platform. This is also likely to happen when you use your MT4 account.


Leverage refers to the facility which makes you more exposed to a specific market you are trading on, and this even outdoes the deposit you used to open your trade. You must know that leveraged products like forex trading maximizes the potential to lose and magnifies your potential to profit.

The amount of leverage is expressed in the ratio form, like 500:1, 100:1, or 50:1. The amount in your trading account and your ticket account gives you leverage. Under leverage, you also have the margin; this refers to the amount of collateral to engulf any credit risk that is likely to occur when trading. It is usually resented as the position size percentage.

Therefore, for you to have enough margin, you must have funds in your trading account. $1,000,000 expresses a margin of 1%, which needs you to deposit $10,000.

Moreover, the trading account margin level needs to be more than or equal to 100% for new trades to open successfully, or your account will be dodged completely. You must know that EasyMarkets guarantees you the highest leverage ratio of 1:400.


This is free of charge in EasyMarkets. However, when a third party involved, fees might be applicable. On the other hand, it guarantees traders various choices, such as sofort, Neteller, Skrill, debit & credit cards, and bank wires, among many regional options.

Its processing time can be between five days or even instantaneously. You also need to understand that its overall payment option is solid. Additionally, the EasyMarkets payment and account processor should be similar, according to its regulator.


According to the review carried out in 2018, which entailed 129 phone tests customer service for over three months. An institutional-grade data was collected. Each exam had three questions.

Moreover, the exam was divided into three groups, and scores awarded depending on the duration to link up with every support representative to answer every question professionally.

Ideally, if you are a professional trader, ensure that you a broker company that can support you 100% at any given time. With EasyMarkets, you can reach your customer service via multiple channels, such as web forms, phone, email, chat channels, and numerous languages.


Your finances and personal data are more than safe with EasyMarkets due to a regulation combination and the IT in-house combination. This is sufficient assurance that no hacker can reach your confidential information or even account. EasyMarkets ensures that your funds are segregated in another separate account.

Bear in mind that clients’ registration is coordinated according to investor compensation fund protocols in top-tier banks. This company offers you 100% protection. You better opt for it today because it offers you total safety and security.


The cashback, also referred to as the cancellation deal, enables traders who are making a loss to be cancelled within a range of 1, 3, and 6 hours. It would help if you were thankful to this company since when a trade undergoes cancellation, the amount you risked is refunded to your trading account.

Additionally, EasyMarkets clients must be aware that this feature needs a fee. You can also use the freezing rate to freeze onscreen values for multiple seconds, allowing you to trade at a frozen figure. This is advantageous to traders working in unpredictable markets since, to them, every single time is essential because the trades value can change easily within a very short time.

It is also vital to know that EasyMarkets guarantees you multiple offers, such as the financial calendar and the latest news headlines. Cashback helps you to maximize profit and gives you an actual-time analysis.


To gain sufficient confidence in trading, you need to carry out adequate research about EasyMarkets. It is also appropriate that you precede each deal that comes across your way to avoid the risk of losing money; this will make you generate more profit.

EasyMarkets also has a section that allows you to do your research successfully. It also has a collection of written content and videos to enlighten you more. In case that is not sufficient, you can opt to go for a financial calendar, live currency rates, trading charts, and the market section.


Before you commence trading, it is ideal that you acquire sufficient trading skills and information about trading via education. This will make you emerge successful in commodity as well as forex trading.

If you do not know how to acquire education, worry less because you will find an educational segment within EasyMarkets, which offers you enriched content, especially for modern traders.

To help you understand more, it offers you a perfect introduction Forex market in a video form. However, the educational segment should always be enhanced to make traders more knowledgeable. Many traders prefer downloading eBook, which offers them more content than the FAQ section.


This company has won many awards for over twenty years due to its reputable performance. You must understand that it has been functioning as a financial broker. Below are some noticeable global awards:

  • AG Arabcom Group Best FX News and Analysis Provider 2010
  • Laur Konsumenta Goldern Consumer Award 2016
  • Best Trading platform UK global Banking and Finance Award
  • Dobra Marka Poland 2017
  • FX Empire Best Trading Platform 2017
  • JRJ China Best Trusted by Investors 2017 Winner
  • FX Word China Best Forex Service Provider
  • Forex Awards Most Transparent Broker 2017
  • World Finance Markets Awards Most Innovative Broker 2018 Winner
  • ADVFN International Financial Awards Best APAC Region Broker 2018
  • The Forex Expo Dubai Best Forex Broker 2019

It is still winning awards globally due to its excellent performance in trading. This has made it more advanced, hence attracting more clients.

EasyMarkets offers outstanding services to its customers as well as new clients. Therefore, make it your number one option and experience excellent performance with absolutely no disappointments. The global awards have made it acquire many new clients.


As a way of expressing gratitude to its users, EasyMarkets guarantees you promotion and bonuses, but these bonuses do not apply to EU users. This allows this company to be of the same age as CySec regulatory demands.

Your initial deposit offers you a 50% deposit bonus if you are a modern client and not an EU client. 100 EUR deposit offers you a 30% minimum credit deposit. In case your first deposit range between 200-100 EUR, you are likely to receive an exclusive bonus of 50%.

On the other hand, if you refer a friend to EasyMarkets through social media or by email, you can comfortably enjoy 750 EUR freely. However, the client you have referred must create an account by a referral link and make a 100 EUR deposit for you to qualify. If you are a Pakistan residence, you are not likely to acquire this offer.

It has a learning center as one of its promotional features with a specific section within the website. This helps you to gain more strategies, knowledge as well as information about EasyMarkets. It offers you training videos, eBooks as well as articles.


In preparation for the coming La Liga’s 2020 to 2021 season, the EasyMarkets has officially initiated their championship with a cash prize of $10,000. Furthermore, the potential winner will be determined depending on the winning trades percentage after 60-days of competition. You can be favored if you make 30 minimum trades during the entire match.

This an assurance that all traders have the potential to win despite the volume of traders. However, regulatory restriction locks out the EU from participating. EasyMarkets offers three significant cash prizes at the end of the contest, primarily $1,000, $3,000, and $10,00, which entails some magnificent Real Madrid Collectables.

This competition will begin on October 1ST, and the entire active and new customers who trade lively are usually eligible in EasyMarkets.


EasyMarkets is averagely risky since it has an overall trust score of 81/99. Furthermore, it neither functions as a bank nor trades publicly. Under EasyMarkets authorization, low trust has zero tier and three regulators; an average trust has a single tier and two regulators, while the high trust has a single tier and a single regulator.

EasyMarkets is coordinated by tier 1 regulators, primarily the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC).


The easy market has approximately twenty years of experience trading. This trading platform is easy to use and guarantees you many advantages over its entire competitors. Moreover, it is regulated by many varying financial conduct authorities globally. It guarantees you maximum protection and operates transparently.

EasyMarkets guarantees you everything you require to make your trade successful. In case you need the best platform to trade, consider EasyMarkets since it has an outstanding reputation, which makes it famous worldwide. With it, you will also experience many profitable benefits that will leave you wanting to trade more.

EasyMarkets Review

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