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 HF Markets Review

📅 Year founded


📈 Multiple top-tier regulation


📍 Headquarters

Johannesburg, South Africa

🌍 Country of regulation

South Africa / Cyprus / United Arab Emirates / Seychelles / United Kingdom / Kenya

✅ Regulators


📈 Execution Type

Market Execution

💰 Minimum Deposit


🛡️ Negative Balance Protection


📉 Trading Platforms

MetaTrader4 / MetaTrader5 / HFM Platform

 ☪  Islamic account


📉 Trading Instruments

Forex / Commodities / Metals / Bonds / Energies / ETFs / Indices / Cryptocurrencies / Stocks

📱 Mobile trading

iOS / Android / Windows

💳 Payment Types Accepted

Debit and Credit Cards / Bank Wire Transfer / Skrill / Cryptocurrencies

🎮 Demo Account


 ⓒ Copy Trading


🎁 Bonus Offer

Top-Up Bonus / Supercharged Bonus

💰 Account Currencies


📈 Minimum Trade

0.01 Lots

📈 Account Types


📈 Margin Trading


📈 Trading fees


📈 Inactivity fee

After 6 consecutive months

💰 Withdrawal fee


☎ Customer Support


💰 Max. Leverage

2 000:1

✔️ Hedging Allowed


✔️ Scalping Allowed


💰 Commission

Zero / Yes on Zero Account

💰 Spreads

From 0.0 pips

💰 Leverage


💰 Currency Pairs (Total Forex pairs)

50 +

🔢 Number of clients

2 500 000 +

🥇 Instruments Offered

500 +

📙 Education

Online Trading Courses / Educational Videos / Webinars / Events / Podcasts / Trading Classes

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HF Markets, previously known as HotForex, is a renowned global forex and commodities broker that provides trading services and facilities to both retail and institutional clients.

With a strong commitment to transparency and ethical trading practices, HF Markets has established itself as a trusted name in the forex industry, offering a wide range of products and services to traders around the world.




HF Markets has been in operation for over a decade, since 2010, catering to the needs of traders with diverse trading strategies and investment sizes.

It operates under strict regulatory oversight, ensuring a secure trading environment.

With a customer-first approach, HF Markets continues to innovate, offering advanced technology, comprehensive market research and a user-friendly trading experience.





  • Regulated by multiple top-tier authorities.
  • Wide range of trading instruments.
  • Various account types to suit different traders.
  • Competitive spreads and low commissions.
  • Robust trading platforms (MT4 and MT5).
  • Excellent educational and research tools.



  • US traders are not accepted.
  • Some account types have higher minimum deposit requirements.




HF Markets offers an extensive range of trading instruments, catering to the diverse interests and strategies of traders.

These instruments span across various asset classes, including forex, commodities, indices, shares, bonds and cryptocurrencies.

By providing such a wide selection, HF Markets enables traders to diversify their portfolios, manage risk and capitalise on different market conditions.

Here’s a detailed look at the trading instruments available:



Forex trading is a cornerstone of HF Markets’ offerings, with access to a broad spectrum of currency pairs ranging from major pairs to exotic ones.

Traders can benefit from tight spreads, high liquidity and 24/5 trading opportunities on iver 50 currency pairs.

  • Major Pairs: Including EUR / USD, GBP / USD and USD / JPY, these pairs have the highest liquidity and offer tight spreads.
  • Minor Pairs: Pairs like EUR / GBP and AUD / NZD offer moderate liquidity and can present unique trading opportunities.
  • Exotic Pairs: For those looking to explore less common markets, exotic pairs such as USD / TRY and EUR / ZAR are available, often featuring higher volatility and potential rewards.



Commodities trading allows traders to speculate on the price movements of essential goods. HF Markets provides access to a variety of commodities, enabling traders to hedge against inflation or diversify their investment portfolio.

  • Precious Metals: Including gold, silver and platinum, precious metals are often used as safe havens during times of economic uncertainty.
  • Energy: Traders can speculate on energy commodities like crude oil and natural gas, which are influenced by geopolitical and environmental factors.
  • Agricultural Products: Opportunities also exist in trading agricultural commodities such as coffee, sugar and cocoa.



Trading indices allows traders to speculate on the overall performance of a particular stock market or sector. HF Markets offers a selection of the world’s leading indices, providing a way to gain exposure to global equity markets without having to trade individual stocks.

  • Major Global Indices: Includes the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ Composite, FTSE 100 and DAX 30, among others.
  • Regional Indices: Traders can also invest in regional indices to capitalise on the economic performance of specific areas.



For traders interested in the stock market, HF Markets provides the opportunity to trade shares from leading global companies. This enables traders to take positions based on their assessment of a company’s future performance and market trends.

  • Global Companies: Access shares from companies in the US, Europe and Asia, including tech giants, automotive manufacturers and consumer goods producers.
  • Sector Variety: Diversify trading strategies by selecting companies across different sectors such as technology, finance, healthcare and energy.


Bonds trading is another option at HF Markets, appealing to those looking for safer investment avenues. Traders can speculate on the price movements of government and corporate bonds, benefiting from fixed income securities’ relative stability.

  • Government Bonds: Includes highly-rated government securities like US Treasuries, German Bunds and UK Gilts.
  • Corporate Bonds: Offers exposure to corporate debt from reputable companies, providing a balance between risk and return.



With the rising interest in digital currencies, HF Markets has incorporated cryptocurrency trading into its offerings. This allows traders to speculate on the price movements of leading cryptocurrencies without the need for an exchange or digital wallet.

  • Major Cryptocurrencies: Trade popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.
  • Market Volatility: Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility, presenting significant opportunities for informed traders.


HF Markets’ wide array of trading instruments ensures that traders have access to a comprehensive range of markets and can implement diverse trading strategies.

Whether interested in the fast-paced world of forex, the stability of bonds or the innovative sphere of cryptocurrencies, HF Markets provides the tools and opportunities to explore and invest across the global financial landscape.




HF Markets provides access to state-of-the-art trading platforms, specifically designed to cater to the needs of modern traders.

These platforms offer a range of features and tools that enhance the trading experience, allowing for efficient market analysis, trade execution and risk management.

Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of the trading platforms offered by HF Markets, including the MetaTrader4 (MT4), MetaTrader5 (MT5) and the proprietary HFM Trading App.


MetaTrader4 (MT4)

MT4 remains one of the most popular trading platforms in the forex industry, known for its reliability, user-friendly interface and comprehensive analytical tools. Here are some key benefits of using MT4 with HF Markets:

  • MT4 offers a wide array of charting options, with customisable charts, over 50 technical indicators and drawing tools, enabling traders to analyse market trends and identify trading opportunities effectively.
  • Traders can automate their trading strategies using EAs, which are programs that can execute trades automatically based on predefined criteria, without the need for manual intervention.
  • The platform allows for high customisation, enabling traders to tailor the workspace according to their trading preferences and strategies.
  • MT4 includes built-in communication tools that allow HF Markets to send messages and updates directly to traders within the platform, enhancing the flow of information.
  • MT4 employs encryption protocols to secure the data exchange between traders and servers, ensuring the safety of trade transactions and personal information.


MetaTrader5 (MT5)

MT5 is the successor to MT4, offering advanced trading functions and superior tools for technical analysis, alongside new features that cater to the demands of modern traders. Benefits of using MT5 with HF Markets include:

  • MT5 allows trading in forex, stocks and futures from a single trading account, providing a comprehensive trading environment.
  • With over 80 technical indicators and analytical tools, MT5 offers more advanced charting capabilities compared to MT4, allowing for more in-depth market analysis.
  • Integrated directly into the platform, the economic calendar provides real-time updates on global economic events, helping traders make informed decisions.
  • MT5 features four types of order execution and six types of pending orders, offering traders greater control over their trades.
  • Traders have access to the MetaTrader Market, where they can purchase or rent additional indicators and automated trading applications to enhance their trading strategies.


HFM Trading App

The HFM Trading App is HF Markets’ proprietary mobile trading application, designed to offer the ultimate trading experience on the go. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the HFM Trading App:

  • The app provides instant access to global financial markets, allowing traders to monitor their accounts and execute trades from anywhere, at any time.
  • Designed with the user in mind, the app features a clean, intuitive interface that makes mobile trading straightforward and efficient.
  • Traders can enjoy a range of tools including live quotes, charts and a full set of trading orders, ensuring they have everything they need to trade effectively on a mobile device.
  • The app sends push notifications regarding market events and account updates, helping traders stay informed and react quickly to market movements.
  • Emphasising the importance of security, the HFM Trading App employs advanced security measures to protect users’ data and financial transactions.


HF Markets offers a versatile range of trading platforms that cater to the needs of diverse traders, from beginners to advanced traders. Whether through the widely acclaimed MT4 and MT5 platforms or the convenient and efficient HFM Trading App, traders have access to powerful tools and features that enhance their trading experience, improve decision-making and increase the potential for success in the financial markets.




HF Markets offers a diverse range of account types to cater to the varied needs and preferences of traders.

Each account type is designed with specific features and benefits to accommodate different trading strategies, levels of experience and investment sizes.

Below, we expand on the details and advantages of each account type available: Cent, Zero, Pro, Pro Plus and Premium accounts.


Cent Account

The Cent Account is an excellent option for beginners or those looking to trade with lower volumes. Trades are executed in cents rather than dollars, which reduces the risk and allows traders to test strategies with minimal financial commitment.

  • This account allows traders to start with no minimum deposit, making it accessible for newcomers to the forex market.
  • Trading in cent denominations means lower risk, perfect for those new to trading or experimenting with new strategies.
  • Traders can trade in micro lots, further reducing the risk and providing greater control over position sizing.
  • Traders can access leverage of up to 2 000:1 and pay zero commission on their trades.


Zero Account

The Zero Account is tailored for traders looking to benefit from ultra-low spreads with a commission-based structure. It’s ideal for scalpers and high-volume traders who prefer rapid trading environments.

  • Starting from 0 pips, the Zero Account offers highly competitive spreads for a wide range of trading instruments.
  • A transparent commission fee is applied to trades, allowing for clear calculation of trading costs. Commissions start from $0.03 USD per lot.
  • This account type provides high-speed trade execution, crucial for scalping and high-frequency trading strategies.
  • No minimum deposit is required for the Zero Account.


Pro Account

Designed for experienced traders, the Pro Account offers a balance of low spreads and a commission-free trading environment, making it suitable for traders employing long-term strategies or using expert advisors.

  • Competitive spreads starting from 0.5 pips, without commissions make it easier to manage trading costs for a variety of trading instruments.
  • The Pro Account supports a wide range of trading styles and strategies without restrictions on stop and limit levels.
  • Traders can select leverage according to their risk tolerance and trading strategy all the way up to 2 000:1.
  • A minimum deposit of $100 USD is required.


Pro Plus Account

The Pro Plus Account is an advanced version of the Pro Account, providing even lower spreads for a nominal commission. It’s targeted at professional traders who require tight spreads for large volume trading.

  • Offers some of the lowest spreads available, from 0.2 pips, , suitable for high-volume traders looking to minimise trading costs.
  • A small commission is charged, offering a balance between cost-effective trading and access to tight spreads.
  • Comes with access to advanced trading tools and analytics, enhancing the trading experience for professional traders.
  • A minimum deposit of $250 USD is required for this account type.


Premium Account

The Premium Account is the most feature-rich option, designed for serious traders with a higher capital investment. It offers the best conditions, including priority support and exclusive access to market insights.

  • Premium account holders receive dedicated support from HF Markets, ensuring quick responses and personalised service.
  • Gain access to exclusive webinars, market insights and analysis, helping you to make informed trading decisions.
  • Enjoy optimised trading conditions, including competitive spreads and a high level of leverage.
  • No commissions are charged on this account while spreads start from 1.2 pips.


Each account type provided by HF Markets is designed with the trader in mind, offering a tailored trading experience that meets different financial goals, risk tolerances and strategies. Whether you’re just starting in the forex market or are a seasoned trader, HF Markets has an account type that can suit your needs, providing the tools and features necessary to trade effectively in the global financial markets.




Opening an account with HF Markets is a straightforward process. Prospective traders need to complete an online application form, providing personal and financial information, followed by verification of identity and residence through the submission of relevant documents.




For beginners or those looking to test their strategies risk-free, HF Markets offers a demo account. The demo account simulates real trading conditions and is an excellent way to familiarise oneself with the trading platforms and instruments offered by HF Markets.

It also allows traders to back test new trading strategies they may want to implement in their trading strategy, without the risk of losing real funds.




Social trading and copy trading has become an important feature for many brokers in the industry. HF Markets is no different and copy trading is a strong feature on this broker’s website.

With HF Markets, traders have the option to become a follower or a signal provider and it is easy to access their social trading community.

Additionally, the MT4 and MT5 platforms also allows for copy trading by way of EAs that can easily be applied to traders’ accounts.




HF Markets is known for its competitive pricing structure. While some account types offer commission-free trading, others have low commission rates. The broker also offers tight spreads, which can vary depending on the account type and market conditions.

For most account types, HF Markets primarily earns from spreads, which are the differences between the bid and ask prices of trading instruments. Spreads can be either fixed or variable, depending on the account type and market conditions:


Cent, Pro and Premium Accounts: 

These accounts typically offer variable spreads, starting from a low base but subject to change based on market liquidity and volatility. Variable spreads allow traders to take advantage of tighter spreads during optimal trading conditions.


Zero Account

Specifically designed for traders looking for the tightest spreads, the Zero Account offers spreads starting from 0 pips on major currency pairs. This account charges a commission on trades, making it ideal for high-volume traders and scalpers who benefit from low spread costs.


Commission Charges

Commission charges are more prevalent in accounts offering lower spreads, such as the Zero Account. These charges are transparently laid out, allowing traders to easily calculate the cost of trading:

  • Zero Account: Commissions are charged on a per-lot basis for each trade executed. The specific rate can vary depending on the instrument being traded and the account’s base currency, providing clarity and predictability to trading costs.
  • Pro Plus Account: Similar to the Zero Account, the Pro Plus Account charges a nominal commission for the benefit of even lower spreads, aimed at accommodating professional and high-volume traders.


Overnight Fees or Swap Rates

Traders holding positions overnight need to consider swap rates, which are essentially interest fees charged or credited to positions held overnight. These rates vary by instrument and are influenced by the differential in interest rates between the currencies involved in a trade:

  • Transparent Swap Rates: HF Markets provides clear information on swap rates for each instrument, allowing traders to plan their trades accordingly, especially if they intend to hold positions over multiple days.


Non-Trading Fees

HF Markets strives to minimise non-trading fees to ensure an affordable trading experience:

  • Deposit and Withdrawal Fees: HF Markets does not charge any fees for deposits. While the broker aims to cover withdrawal fees, there may be instances where fees are charged by banks or payment processors, which are clearly communicated to traders.
  • Inactivity Fees: An inactivity fee may be applied to accounts that have not conducted any trading activity for a period of 6 consecutive months. HF Markets ensures that traders are aware of such fees and the conditions under which they are applied.




Leverage at HF Markets varies by account type and asset class, offering flexibility to traders with different risk appetites.

Traders need to understand the risks associated with high leverage levels as although they are able to achieve higher profits, the risk for losses also increases.

HF Markets allows leverage of up to 2 000:1, subject to approval by the broker.




HF Markets supports a wide range of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, including bank wire transfers, credit / debit cards, Skrill and cryptocurrency platforms.

The broker strives to process transactions quickly, though times can vary depending on the method used.




Customer service at HF Markets is highly regarded, available 24/5 through live chat, email and phone. The broker’s support team is knowledgeable and ready to assist with any queries or issues traders may encounter.



The safety and security of clients’ funds and personal information are paramount at HF Markets. The broker takes extensive measures to ensure that its trading environment is secure and that clients can trade with confidence, knowing their investments are protected.

HF Markets is regulated by several highly respected financial authorities worldwide, which underscores its commitment to adhering to the highest standards of regulatory compliance and ethical trading practices. These regulatory bodies include:


Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

As a member of the European Union, HF Markets’ operations in Cyprus are under the strict oversight of CySEC. This regulatory body ensures that HF Markets complies with EU financial regulations, including the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), which provides a harmonised regulatory regime for investment services across the European Economic Area.


Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

In the United Kingdom, HF Markets is regulated by the FCA, one of the world’s leading financial regulatory bodies. The FCA’s stringent rules and standards ensure that regulated companies operate transparently and fairly, providing significant protection to investors.


Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA)

For its operations in the Middle East, HF Markets is regulated by the DFSA, the financial regulatory agency of the special economic zone, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The DFSA is known for its strict adherence to international compliance standards.


Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa

HF Markets is also regulated by the FSCA, which oversees the non-banking financial services industry in South Africa. The FSCA’s role includes ensuring that regulated entities, like HF Markets, provide fair treatment to consumers and uphold the integrity of the South African financial markets.


The Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles

For global operations, HF Markets is regulated by the FSA in Seychelles, providing an additional layer of regulatory oversight and ensuring the broker adheres to international financial services standards.

These regulatory bodies play a crucial role in monitoring and ensuring that HF Markets operates with transparency, integrity,and in the best interest of its clients. They require HF Markets to adhere to strict financial standards, including capital adequacy requirements, submit regular financial reports and undergo periodic audits. This regulatory framework is designed to protect investors and their funds, enhance market integrity and promote stable and transparent trading conditions.

Moreover, HF Markets employs advanced security measures to protect clients’ personal and financial information. This includes the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt data transmitted between clients’ devices and HF Markets’ servers, ensuring that sensitive information is kept confidential and secure from unauthorised access.

In addition to regulatory oversight and technological safeguards, HF Markets participates in investor compensation funds, which provide an extra layer of protection to clients’ funds in the unlikely event of the broker’s insolvency.



HF Markets regularly offers various promotions and bonuses, including deposit bonuses, loyalty programs, and contests. These promotions are designed to enhance the trading experience and reward the broker’s clients.

Current promotions on offer include deposit bonuses, an Epic Affiliate Promotion where affiliates can win a trip to Zanzibar, a Trip to Mauritius Lucky Draw, HFM Gadget Giveaway, Traders Award 2024, HFM Loyalty Program and a Demo Contest.




The broker provides comprehensive market research tools, including daily market analysis, economic calendars and trading calculators. HF Markets’ research resources are valuable for making informed trading decisions.




HF Markets offers an extensive range of educational resources, such as webinars, e-courses and video tutorials. These resources cater to traders of all levels, from beginners to advanced, enhancing their trading knowledge and skills.

The broker also provides podcasts and trading classes as tools to further benefit their clients.




Over the years, HF Markets has received numerous awards in recognition of its service quality, customer support and technological innovation, underscoring its reputation as a leading forex broker. Some of these awards include:

  • Best Trading Accounts Global (2023) – World Business Outlook.
  • Best Stock Broker (2023) – FX Awards.
  • Best Online Trading App (2023) – Capital Finance International Magazine.
  • Best Forex Broker Global (2022) – The European Awards.
  • Best Educational Broker (2022) – Global Forex Awards.
  • Best Multi-Asset Broker Global (2021) – Pan Finance.
  • Best Customer Service Experience (2021) – World Business Outlook.

The above awards are just some of over 60 awards won by HF Markets.




HF Markets is widely regarded as a safe broker, thanks to its strict regulatory compliance, transparent operations and client protection measures. The broker’s long-standing reputation in the industry further dispels concerns about it being a scam.

As mentioned in the Safety and Security section, the broker is regulated by multiple regulatory authorities across various jurisdictions.

In addition to this, the broker also provides negative balance protection and keeps its clients’ funds segregated from their own, meaning client funds are always well protected.




HF Markets stands out as a top choice for traders seeking a reliable, regulated broker with a comprehensive range of trading instruments and platforms. With its commitment to providing a secure trading environment, competitive pricing and extensive support and educational resources, HF Markets caters effectively to the needs of diverse traders.

Whether you’re new to trading or an experienced investor, HF Markets offers a trading experience that combines efficiency, security and value. The team at Brokersuggest.com can confidently recommend HF Markets as one of the top brokers in the industry today.

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