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Found in 1973, Sucden Financial is a respectable forex and CFD brokerage firm with its headquarters located in the United Kingdom. This online broker is regulated by FCA.

At Sucden Financial, clients can trade a range of trading instruments, such as Metals, Precious Metals, Steel and Iron Ore, Foreign Exchange, Softs and Agriculturals, Energy, and Fixed Income.

The broker also offers a variety of trading platforms to its traders, including J Trader, Pro mark, Star, Sucden FX Trader Pro, and MetaTrader 4.


The forex exchange trading company also known as Sucden financial services came into existence in the year 1973, and it has its headquarters in the United Kingdom.

The brokerage company has established branches in other parts of the world such as the USA, Hong Kong, as well as Russia, and so on. This means that the company is facing different regulatory bodies which make it conform to their regulatory requirements.

The company is involved in various market instruments trading for different levels of clients and relies on electronic, as well as clearing execution to address the needs of its members. The trading system is carried out here through e-trading solutions.

The company does not provide a personal trading account for its clients, this is because of the type of investment they do.

This broker is a dealing member of the London Metal Exchange, also known as LME, because that it offers a global exchange. Sucden offers global exchange across the world.

There is no way one can discuss reputable exchange companies in the world today without mentioning this company.



  • This company has a global presence and that means cross-border regulation.
  • It makes one have direct access to the worldwide market
  • The company also provides different kinds of market trading instruments
  • The platform is not difficult to use
  • It guaranteed the safety and security of its investor’s funds


  • The company does not provide a personal trading account
  • It offers leverage to only professionals
  • There is presently no demo account
  • Does not allow US residents

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When it comes to the availability of trading and market instruments, this broker has an edge. Presently they provide a wide range of market instruments which include the following:


As pointed out earlier, this broker belongs to the LME which means London Metal Exchange. In fact, this company is a category one member of that body. Because of that, they have access to all kinds of precious metals.

The company staff is actively involved in any deal involving precious metals. Apart from that, the company is also a full member of the London Bullion Market Association. This means that they have access to different kinds of precious metals, and they trade extensively on that market.

Sucden provides worldwide exchange together with the OTC markets. They have an active base on precious metals, steel as well as iron ore. Besides, the company does offer multiple points of access and they can make that access very helpful.

Should you need help, this broker makes that readily available. With the solutions they provide, traders would find it easy out of any risky trading environment.

The company does a lot of things on the London Metal Exchange. For instance, they can execute a trade and clear proportions of trade as well which is very significant in terms of the amount involved in such a trade.

Furthermore, the company provides direct access to the CMEs base metal futures together with several other options contracts.

The company is also engaged in the provision of other services which include the following:

  • Consumers
  • Producers
  • Traders
  • Fabricators
  • Financial institutions
  • Brokers as well as
  • Hedge funds

Precious metals

When it comes to the transactions of precious metals the company does offer options and futures brokerage for the industrial use of the following precious metals and they include the following:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Palladium

Besides that, Sucden makes provisions for OTC exchanges which include options. Forwards, Swaps, and several other services. The company does this through various specialists involved in the foreign exchange market.

Steel and iron ore

In the same way, the company provides for the following:

  • The execution, as well as the clearing cash, settled future like those, delivered physically
  • Swaps in the dealings involving steel, and iron ore and that is in the exchange for the OTC trades contracts, as well as options

Foreign exchange

As you are aware the company does not provide any personal foreign exchange trading account. They do serve corporate or institutional clients and help them gain access to the financial market and they do that through the foreign exchange liquidity.

Most importantly the company can provide a wide range of foreign exchange services like the following:

  • Fx options
  • eFX
  • Deliverable FX

Softs and agricultural

This is provided on both the US and European exchanges, and this includes many trading solutions. Clients can partake in this sector that the service which includes the execution as well as providing cleaning solutions. This also involves options contracts.

This option is available as said before on both the European and the US exchanges. Sucden can become very useful here when it comes to hedging as well as in risk management. This is particularly important in areas like commodities especially those bothering on agricultural and softs.

The company does offer services for corporate and institutional clients, and they are offered benefits that help deal with multiple market challenges.


This company is also involved in this sector since the 1980s. This means that they have the experience as well as the time required for this kind of investment.

When it comes to energy investment, they make available to their client’s energy futures and options and this goes together with trade execution services.

This is possible because the company has access to the major energy markets, and they are also a member of ICE Europe. The company access such markets as the DME and CME. Furthermore, the company makes the available dedicated team that take care of these areas that their services currently cover like those under ICE and Nynex

Fixed income

The company works with corporate and institutional clients. These clients would have access to the global fixed income market. They trade with the electronic API as well as through voice execution.

Furthermore, they do provide helpful services to trade and liquidity sourcing as well as spreads; and this covers a wide range of markets. Besides this broker makes available a dedicated and professional team that provides specialist supports in this area especially in the Fund Services.


Sucden financial services adopt various kinds of trading platforms for the execution of the trades. There are several of them and traders can choose according to their preferences and the kind of trades they engaged in.

J Trader

This is one of the trading platforms and many people rate it high because of the ease of use. It is a question of a single click and the system would begin to work for you.

Most importantly, this system makes for amendments and cancelation options. It makes it easy for you to weigh the profits and loss as well as the updating traders’ real-time position. The system makes for single as well as multiple accounts.

Pro mark

The other trading platform the company makes available to its clients is the Pro-Mark. It is a great trading platform, and this is meant for professional institutional traders. Certain things make this platform unique, and it includes high-volume trading as well as high speed.

The system makes for auto spreading and this is a multi-leg. It is also making for integration with excel and broker functionality


It is a unique trading platform, and it is from the company. This is meant for in-house catering and this is meant for options and futures. The platform makes for access to the major exchanges around the globe.

The platform is also user-friendly and that is why it is used across the world.

Sucden FX Trader Pro

It is good for desktop traders. This system is also easy and free to use. Furthermore, the electronic offering uses Sucden as the foreign exchange client.

Furthermore, the company still uses MetaTrader 4 platform, and this is the most popular trading platform. This system is available in the STP and there is no dealing and no requotes basis.

It is one of the best offerings from the company and it remains the most competitive in the market. The other interesting attribute of the system is flexibility. The other interesting feature of this platform is the various pricing models it makes available which include the following and they are:

Fixed spreads

  • Variable interbank spreads
  • Variable or fixed combination of spreads


When it comes to the various kinds of accounts available to clients, there is little or no information available. This could be because they do not provide a personal account. If you check the website, you can get information about those entities they can cover in their services.

The entities that they can cover include corporate bodies, financial institutions as well as solutions for brokers and so on.

The application form of the company is available on the website, you can visit the broker’s website and download the form and fill it. The form applies to:

  • Corporate account
  • Account opening forms for companies
  • Account opening for deliverables FX


You are already aware that the type of account you can open here is the institutional and corporate body accounts. There is no provision for a personal account anywhere. The account opening for those involved is simple and you can do that online. It is easy and completely digitalized.

You can hardly get any information about how to open an account from the website. When you download the account opening form you would begin to see the requirements and the way to fill the form.

The kind of account that clients can create with this broker include the corporate account

  • Account opening form for companies
  • Account opening form for FX deliverable


There is no information about the demo account. Since the company does not provide a personal account, one does not see the need for a demonstration account here.

They trade at institutional and corporate body levels and these hire professionals to trade for them. There may not be the need for a demonstration account for such bodies. There is absolutely no information about the demo account here.


In the same way, there is no evidence that the company allows social and copy trading. There may be no justification for that since they do not provide a personal trading account. There is no indication that the company is providing this kind of trade.


The company has institutional and corporate customers, and they provide for the needs of these categories of customers.

This company has the significant financial strength and when it comes to banking, they have experience, and they are in a strong relationship with other providers in that sector.

The company ensures FX liquidity aggregation and theirs are better than what you get elsewhere. Because of that, the company would always ensure that it has something available for its clients.

When it comes to fees and commissions, there is no information about that because the company does not disclose any information about that.


The company makes for tight pricing and they ensure that their clients enjoy the lowest spreads available in the market. This keeps them in a strong and financial position.

The spreads which they make available are for the need of the following and they include:

  • Spot traders
  • Next day trades
  • Same day trades

Furthermore, the forward contract as it is available with the company takes care of a wide range of futures, currencies, options as well as commodities and other trading and market instruments they offer to their clients.

Above all, the company offers a higher rate of 1:100 and this is available for certain types of Forex instruments as well as low assets rate. Only professional traders can have access to this leverage.

The range of leverage that is available is determined by the regulatory restrictions. This is dependent on the regulatory commissions and so on.


This broker makes one method of withdrawal and deposits available for its clients and that is the bank transfers method. It applies to both the withdrawal and deposit options.

This method makes for more control. Moreover, the transfer options offer more control. The company does not demand any minimum deposit, and that is because of the level of customers which they serve.

Besides, the trade transaction does not involve any additional fees. When you withdraw or deposit your money to the system, it does not demand additional fees.

However, it is recommended that you check for available information and you can also check the payment provider’s website for the additional fees if there are any. This is necessary because some jurisdictions can demand some fees.


They also provide customer service that is tailored towards the kinds of clients they serve. To contact them, you can visit the website and complete the online form.

Furthermore, you can contact them at their offices in different parts of the world such as London, Hong Kong, Moscow as well as New York. You can call them on phone, or you contact them through the email address they provided.

Besides, they provide a section for the frequently asked questions on the website and that is where you will get general information about the quality of services they provide.


This company is regulated in different parts of the world where they have their operations.

It is FCA regulated since it has its main office in London. In the same way, the company which also has an office in the US is regulated by the NFA. It did not end here; the company is regulated in Hong KONG.

The implication of this is that there cannot be any shoddy deal when you decide to do business with the company since it is highly and strictly regulated.

Furthermore, this can guarantee the safety of your investment. Some of the regulatory bodies are known for their high standards of regulation.

If you check the regulatory status of this broker, you would be happy. First, the company has been in that business since 1973 and that means that they have wide experience and exposure. The brokers are one hundred percent reliable.

Since they are supervised through different jurisdictions, one should expect the level of monitoring to comply with the extant regulations that are available in that jurisdiction.

It is the regulator that licensed the broker, and you should expect it to adhere to the standard set by that regulator. Since it is strictly monitored by the FCA, it must comply with rules set by the FCA. The services of this broker also cut across various EEA zones and other zones as well.


Currently, there is no cashback policy the company is offering. Since they do not serve individuals, it is not expected to dash out cashbacks and other kinds of policies that are favorable to personal account holders.

However, one thing great with them is that they provide a conducive trading environment for their clients.


Furthermore, the company does provide some research resources that can help the clients. On the website is a variety of research tools and the traders can obtain useful trading information that can help to determine the outcome of the market.

They also make available all kinds of reports, instruments as well as charts, and other forms of services. Furthermore, the company offers daily reports, and this covers some instruments such as foreign exchange, metals, as well as softs technical charts.

Besides, the company does provide a daily briefing on the market insights as well as the analysis of the market and you can discover all these in the sections.


Moreover, the company does provide financial services and information that educate its clients on how best to use the platform.

If you check the website, you will not discover any education materials at the website and that is understandable, and that is because of the kind of clients that company is serving which includes institutional and corporate bodies. Such do hire professionals to trade for them and they do not need such educational resources which would be useful for personal traders.

These professionals do have enough information and knowledge to help them trade successfully, and they may not require any information from the website.


The company does not have any global awards for now. If there is any it would be featured on the company website.


Moreover, this company does not offer any promotions or incentives. It is not available on their website. This is understandable. It is because of the level of clients they serve who may not need such promotions.


There is no contest the company is offering. Perhaps the customers who are institutional and corporate bodies do not require such contests.

If they have been serving personal clients, such would have been necessary. As of now, the company does not organize any contests.


The issue of scams is one hundred percent ruled out. The company is safe to do business with. In any case, they do not serve individual traders rather they serve institutional and corporate bodies.

This broker is one hundred percent regulated by the FCA and other professional bodies and it depends on the various areas they provide their services. You can confidently do business with the broker.

They have offices in different parts of the world, and it is easy to contact them. One thing is that the company does not provide personal or individual services. They conduct their businesses only on the institutional and corporate levels.

Their clients know that the company is real, and it is safe to do business with them. When it comes to the security of the client’s funds, the regulatory body makes it impossible for the broker to tamper with the money of their clients.


Sucden Financial is perhaps the most reputable broker in the market today. They do offer a wide range of services that are meant for corporate and institutional services.

The company is highly respected, and they have branches in different parts of the world. They are highly regulated and there is no threat to the investor’s funds.

Sucden Financial Review

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