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Found in 2019, TIO Markets is a respectable forex and CFD brokerage firm with its headquarters located in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This online broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

At TIO Markets, clients can trade a range of trading instruments, such as Forex, CFDs, indices, shares, commodities, cryptocurrencies.

The broker also offers a variety of trading platforms to its traders, including the MT4, MT5, and the WebTrader.


TIO Markets is another leading online brokerage company that carries transactions in different markets. They offer the most secured and reliable trading environments.

The company offers its services to a wide range of clients which include institutional as well as private customers through their various trading platforms.

They are involved in different market instruments ranging from the forex market, financials as well as commodities and shares.

TIO has clients all over the world and they enable traders to transact on wide range of products such as the foreign exchange market as pointed out earlier, energies as well as shares, cryptocurrencies, metals, and indices amongst others.



  • The company has been in the business for more than forty years, they have a lot of experience
  • The platform is fast and very reliable
  • Predictable prices
  • Support crypto deposits
  • Offers VIP black account
  • No fees charged on deposits and withdrawals
  • Offers a wide range of trading instruments


  • They do not offer any contact telephone number
  • They have a limited number of market instruments to trade on

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The company does offer several instruments for its clients to trade. The complaint is that the number of instruments available is not enough as one would get in other providers.

Because there are no such varied traders’ portfolios, there are fewer risks when you do business with this platform.

Here are some of the market instruments that you can get from most brokers:

Forex trading

This is one of the trading instruments the company makes available to its customers. It is the most liquid in the world and it is not surprising that most brokers provide this trading instrument.

The exchange rate here is determined by the market but the platform makes it possible for its clients to invest in this kind of market which involves the exchanges of trillions of dollars across the globe.


The company equally involves in the trading of indices. Index involves the group of stocks of the world market and the most popular of them are the FTSE, NASDAQ, German DAX, AEX, and so on. These are measured by certain indices.


In addition, the company does offer commodities transactions and some of the products they trade here are metals, gas, oil, and agricultural products amongst others.

This also involves futures trading and transaction on some selected instruments. This is one of the safest instruments to invest in, especially during the time of economic uncertainty.


The contract of difference trading is another instrument that is common in this market. This work is based on price speculations on the global market, and it includes different instruments like indices, shares, commodities, and currencies.


It is a digital currency, and it is used in the transaction of digital token coins. There are several such coins amongst them the bitcoin. There are several others in the market.

The company does offer transactions in some of the markets listed above. If you visit the website, you will get comprehensive information about the instruments they trade on.

The most important amongst them is the foreign exchange market where they offer more than seventy currency pairs, and these are traded under tight spreads and comes with faster order execution.

They also trade on CFDs as it involves energies. TIO Markets makes it possible for its clients to invest in gas, oil on the futures trading and on spot markets and this is a very low-cost price.

Moreover, they offer transactions on cryptocurrencies especially Ethereum and bitcoin. Trade on these CFDs is accompanied by very low spreads as well as speedy trade executions.

Furthermore, they engage in stock trading, and the trade centered on profitable international companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and many others.

Besides, they trade on indices, and the major indices they offer include trading in some countries like Australia, Europe, America, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, they deal with metals especially precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, and several other metals. These are accompanied by low costs and they trade this on the MetaTrader software.


The trading platform is the software you use to gain access to the trading instruments. This broker does offer some important trading software.

Through the system, you can invest and have live access to the forex market, futures trading, CFDs, and several others. This provides the trader with the enabling environment to make an important trading decision.

They make available historical data as well as forecast and you can determine the trend in the market to make an investment decision. In the same way, it is easy to find out the trade patterns.

The company makes available three trading platforms, and these include MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. The MT5 is the more advanced version of the previous edition. When it comes to performance, it does not compare with MT4.

The company equally makes available web traders. These are very popular platforms and they come with their benefits.

When it comes to the use of MetaTrader 4, there are some benefits that you can gain from it. Some of the benefits include the following.

  • It is a user-friendly trading device
  • This platform is highly customizable
  • It is regarded as a strategy test
  • This also comes with more than fifty indicators that are pre-installed on it
  • It makes one-click trading possible
  • Comes with historical timeframe data
  • Price alerts feature
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Available in 9 different time frames
  • It is going to identify trends
  • It comes with interesting features like trailing stops, stop orders as well as pending orders
  • This is available in different operating systems such as iOS, Android, and desktop


MetaTrader 5 is like MetaTrader 4 and it comes with some benefits which include the following.

  • The platform is highly customizable
  • It is user friendly
  • Multi-asset trading is possible
  • Price alerts as well as trailing stops
  • One-click trading
  • This supports many languages
  • Comes with an advanced strategy tester
  • It comes with hedging and netting modes
  • Comes in 21 timeframes
  • Analyze short- and long-term trends
  • Comes with eight order types
  • Financial news
  • Comes with many indicators that are built-in indicators
  • Analytical objects


Web Trader platform

This special platform comes with some interesting features and benefits. Here are some of the benefits.

  • It offers free analysis tools
  • This makes for quick trade execution as well as fast trading
  • Comes with stop loss as well as take profits
  • Control timing and customer support
  • Follow trends
  • Available once there is access to the internet
  • Compatible with your PC and Mac



The broker provides for four different kinds of accounts for its clients to select from. These account types also come with their features as well as benefits which include fast trade execution, negative account balance protection, professional customer support, and a wide range of trading instruments to select from.

Standard account

This is ideal for traders who trade with less than five lots monthly. The account type does not involve any kind of subscription fee.

Signature account

It is the second type of account that members can create through this platform. This also does not involve any cost in the subscription.

VIP account

This is meant for beginner traders and these trade 5 lots or more than that monthly and the price it involves here is $24,95 monthly.

VIP Black account

It is meant for clients who trade 5 or more lots for every month and the cost of that is $49,95 monthly. The different accounts have base currencies they trade on.

The different account types can open a demonstration first to learn how the market works. It is necessary that every intending trader be familiar with the system and this means that they must learn before they begin to trade.

With the demo account, you would have access to the virtual account with which you can trade with. You must practice and learn about the market before you begin to use your live trading account.

With the demo account, you would get up to fifty thousand dollars simulated amount to trade. You would become familiar with the trading environment.


The account opening process with TIO markets is simple and it is one hundred percent digitalized. To open an account with them, you must first complete the application form from the company’s websites.

It would also require that you submit your proof of your identity and this means that you must upload your ID as well as proof of your residence. Whichever you upload as your proof of residence must not be older than three months.

Once the company gets the information you provided about your account, it would be verified, and you become a client once you fulfilled all the requirements.

You can practice with a demo account and when you think that you are good enough to make a profit with the platform then you can fund your live trading account.

Funding the account is easier with the various methods the company makes available for clients.


The company makes available a demonstration account for its categories of clients. This is a virtual account where you are provided with a simulated fifty thousand dollars to start the trade. You learn from the system.

You can consider this as the training ground because they provide you with the same trading environment.

the demo account platform is provided for all the account types available with the platform. Whichever account type you want to create, it would be helpful to start with the training account before you start to trade the live trading account.

The great news is that this platform makes that possible for you.


Social trading and copy trading are some of the ways brokers help their clients to master the market by copying or learning from experienced traders.

The emergence of social networking makes this system possible. There is no indication that TIO Markets allows this form of trade. If they do there is no indication about that on the broker’s website.

It is becoming very popular among brokers and that is why many others are introducing the system. Even if this method is not available now, it may be introduced in time to come.

There is no other better way of making money from the financial market than through this method.


You may begin to wonder how brokers make money from the services they provide. The way they make money is by charging fees and commission.

Clients must pay them for handling this kind of transaction and that is what motivates them to be in that business. There is no flat rate when it comes to the fees and commissions and it varies depending on the type of account you have as well as the instrument you want to transact on.

The other way of making money through this system is charging rollovers or swap fees when positions are held overnight. It is important that before you engage any broker you must try to understand the fees and commissions they charge for their transactions.

Many people like the platform because they are currently the most affordable in view of the low charges and costs because of the spreads.

For the various account types, they charge the lowest in terms of commissions and fees. For the VIP account holder, $2 is the commission they charge for each lot.

  • For the VIP black account, the company does not charge any fee for this.
  • When it comes to the signature account the company charges $4 for a lot.
  • Standard account holders are expected to pay $6 for a lot

Furthermore, the company charges rollover fees for trades that are held overnight. The fees to be charged here are based on the interest rates of the instrument in question.


Leverage is the way brokers make more funds available to traders to increase their profits. They gain when the market goes in their favor.

On the other hand, when the market goes against them, they lose. So, the issue of leverage must be handled with caution, especially for inexperienced traders.

The company also offers ratios, and they use the standard rations of 1:200 on all the accounts they offer. Traders can request an increase in leverage of up to 1:500. This is the requirement of the FCA.

The maximum leverage that the company can provide is 1:30 and this for the major trading currencies.


The company also makes available different means of withdrawal and funds deposits to the system. To withdraw and deposit funds to your account you must log in to the system and follow the instructions as they are provided by the broker.

The company does not allow any payment from third parties. Currently, the company does not make any charge for money deposited or withdrawn from the system.

Any cost must come from the corresponding banks. Because of that before you choose a method for deposit and withdrawal, you must consider the issue of fees.

When a request for withdrawals and deposits is made, it does not take more than a few hours for the order to be concluded.

Currently, the company is making available the following payment options when it comes to withdrawals and deposits and they include the following:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Safecharge
  • Bank wire



The customer also makes available a reliable and supportive customer department. Their customer department is always out to help their customers to have a wonderful trading experience and whenever you contact them, they are ready to help you.

The company has highly trained professionals who can help you when you need it most. They are always standing by to assist you with any problems or queries you have.

Presently the company provides such support in different languages which include the English language, Spanish, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Indonesian, and other languages.

Furthermore, they provide different platforms through which you can contact them through live chat, email, social media, telegram, and so on. They do not offer telephone support.


One of the key factors to consider when you are choosing a broker is the issue of the safety and security of your funds. Because of that, you must spend time and study the various providers and make a choice after comparing providers in terms of safety and security.

One of the things to consider is the issue of regulation. The broker must be regulated, and this helps to secure your account.

It is safe and secure to do business with the company because they are regulated by the FCA. This is a regulatory body, and they are known to be very strict when it comes to regulations.

The company is regulated by the body and it means that the safety of their client’s funds is one hundred percent guaranteed.

Furthermore, they ensure the safety of funds because they segregate the account of the clients from the company account.

There is no fear of tampering with your money. The broker is subjected to regular audits and all these are to ensure the safety of your funds.


This kind of offer is one of the ways of attracting customers to the company’s products as well as rewarding existing customers.

The cashback programs as well as refer friend’s programs and gift vouchers. They offer thirty percent off for signature account holders.

The cashback is based on bank wire account transfers. In the same way, if you fund your account through bank wire you can receive 2.5 percent, and this involves your first trading funding account.


Research is an essential component of the financial market. You need to research to understand the best time to enter a market and the best time to exit.

Before traders can use the analysis and any of the trading instruments provided, they must learn how it works and the best time to put it into use.

To help things work out best for the traders, the providers do offer research tools that helps in the analysis and the final trading decision the trader eventually takes.

It is easier to find out the price movement, market drivers, as well as the short and long terms resistance and values. As important as these tools are, some providers do not provide the tools.

It is not provided by the TIO Markets but when you enter the market the tools become activated, and you begin to make good use of it.

Besides, the company has blogs where to provide useful information about the market and customers can get to such blogs to carry out more research about the market.


Education tools are also useful for traders to have a better understanding of the system. Because of that, most brokers provide it.

Those chats and other useful tools are necessary, and it is important that you understand and know how best to use them to achieve your objectives.

TIO Markets also provide such training and educational tool and these help traders to have access to those tools that improve their trading knowledge as well as their trading experience.

These resources to cover all aspects of the transactions you can do with the broker.


TIO Markets have not won any global award and if they have it is not displayed in their website. This company is doing well and with time they will grace one award or the other.


Promotions are available in different forms from different brokers. It is a way of promoting their businesses and attracting new customers to their business.

There are different ways of doing that and it is mostly through cashback and other systems.

Presently the promotions or incentives which the company has on ground is the 30 percent signature offer and this means that traders can be rewarded with 30 percent of TIOx when a certain amount is paid to the account.


Currently there is no contests going on here, but similar brokers do organize it as to help their client benefit from the experience they have with the broker.


TIO Market is one hundred percent safe to do business with. The company is one hundred percent genuine and there is no risk of doing business with them.

The company is registered, and they have policies, and they are under an obligation to protect their investors. It is one hundred percent safe to do business with them.

The office of the company is known and there is nothing hidden in the business they do.


TIO Markets is one of the most reputable brokers that offer a perfect trading environment for their clients. They offer their service in wide range of markets and their services are regulated by the FCA.

TIO Markets Review

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